Data Entry

Data Entry is a part of many works which needs data entry.
These include electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders, and clerks.
It can be done from remote location with the help of laptop and internet.
Some work needs personal presence for the data entry because of some security reasons.
The way home-based or online data entry jobs are performed may vary considerably from office jobs.
Data Entry basically means to input data from the keyboard which can be numeric , alphabets too.
Some trained persons get chance to do data entry from home.
Data Entry payment can be done with the work wages provided per word or per page.
Data entry clerks help companies process information by inputting, maintaining and retrieving data using computer systems and ensuring that information is collated and stored in an accurate and efficient manner.
Data entry clerks can expect to start on a salary of between £11000 and £15000 per annum. With significant experience or promotion to a supervisory/ team leader role this may increase to £18000 per annum.
Although mundane, the job of a data entry clerk has always been in demand ever since its inception back in 1890s when the invention of punch card data processing became popular.
Some of the most sought after data entry skills according to employers are listed here:
– Basic Software Knowledge
– Good Written and Communication Skills
– Fast Typing Speed
– High Levels of Concentration
-Typing Skills