How to Add New Post in WordPress


We will check how to Add New Post in WordPress
– We need to Login in the WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard).
– Now we need to Click the ‘Posts’ tab.
– Then we need to Click the ‘Add New’ sub-tab to create a bew post.
– First field will be : enter your post title in the upper field.
– Second field will be : enter your post body content.
– Now we have to select the category else it will be in default category.
– After All the data adding we need to click Publish button.

Descriptions of Post Fields

Title  – This will be the post title and avoid adding same name for multiple post.
Post Editing Area  – This is the Description box where you can add your post explanation description.
Preview button  – This button helps to show the post look and view before oficial publishing the post.
Publish box  – This will save the post and now it will be visible to all the viewers.
Permalink  – Permalink  means to set the customise menu title for the seo purpose. And it will not expose the Id of the post to the normal users.
Categories  – This is the Category Post hence you can select multiple categories for the single post.
Excerpt  – A summary or brief teaser of your post featured on the front page of your site as well as on the category, archives, and search non-single post pages.
Custom Fields  – Custom Fields is used to create extra fields needed in the post section and it can be displayed on the front end.
Password Protect This Post – We can set the post as a password protected so without entering password we cannot see the post on the front end.

Best Practices For Posting

– If we use Anchor tag or image tag then we need to add alt tag for image and title tag for anchor.
– Use maximum places paragraph tag which is called as “p” in the HTML Format.
– Use heading tags for the title tag in the content area like H1 , H2 , ect.
– Spelling should be the important factor which need to double checked.