Joomla Development

Joomla is one of the Best Content Management System tool to be used and its best that its free to use and free to download . It gives facility to use Component , Modules and Plugins in it with the various theming facility.

Joomla is the free open source tool to create freely website for CMS sites or any big or small sites with the different requirement . It contain component functionality to be used and it can gives facility like shopping cart , multi language etc

Joomla gives facility to add the cms pages and there is no limit to add the pages , you can add as many as pages you want and you can show it on front end very easily.

Joomla gives facility to us extensions and its coding language is also very easy that any user can create there own components. For the help of the component there is facility of modules which is easy to install and easy to build in . It gives the component the extra features or custom features to use in the inbuilt or new component. Same way there is one simple but useful features is the plugin , plugin is also helpful to make some action like before save after save then the plugin is used.

Joomla gives the template facility that you can create or customize your own template with the design changes to attract the customers , there are many component , modules , plugins and template available in the google that no need to create any thing just simple knowledge and your site is ready in few minutes.

Joomla gives facility to create category and its pages and hence you can use joomla for the blogging also because its also SEO Friendly. It will help your site to be favorite amongst the people.

There is a forom facility in the joomla so you can use it for that also .Joomla have very simple and user friendly Admin Panel so any user with the normal knowledge can easily operate the site and manage the site easily. It have the user management functionality and with the latest versions more and more features are including in the Joomla.