Magento Development

Magento is a E-Commerce Framework which helps you to create your own shopping store with in no time.

Magento contain category , products , pages , blocks , widget ,cms pages ,inventory control, order management , multi site management and multi language management. We can say this is the simple thing we can point it out but magento is wide and deep above our thinking level.

Magento is use for big store if your store is small then this is bad option , Magento is for big stores and with unlimited requirement it is used. Currently Magento is moving ahead amongst all the shopping cart.

Magento is helpful because it manage your products and it handle its pricing with the tax functionality. User can check the order and can review there products easily. One big advantage is that its free to use so any one can create the free open source website.

Magento gives great facility for the search to attract the customers for buying the products added in the store. Magento gives facility to create user friendly urls so google can find it easily for customer needs satisfaction.

Normal customer can create there accounts and then easily check there dashboard and all the order details , products details ect. Where as admin is also great to use and it gives complete user friends facility . Administrator can easily manage all the categories product .

Magento gives facility of creating theme and changing the style as we need we can create block to show in the right or left section. Magento gives the by default them already installed and we can use it as it comes free with the magento.

There is the facility of languages , you can add or create store with any language in the front end and also for the back end so any user of any country can use front end and back end with any language they want or they prefer to use.

The most Useful and the important functionality is the Multi Store and Multi Sites. We can create many stores in the single magento installation and also we can create multi sites with different languages with different users , products and category with the same installation this is the best functionality magento provides.