Performace Optimization

Websites are base of market impression because it creates a positive or negative impression of your products, goods, services…image of your brand.
Hence many time visitors of site are more but products are purchased from local store.
Because still in days user are not much familiar with the website or apps and User Interface of Website or App should be such a user friendly that user cannot get diverted to other options.
We are busy with the Content or Design or Many other stuffs to make it perfect but we forget one of the most fundamental parts of keeping that business site operational and fast: website performance optimization.
Steps to Increase Web Performance
– HTTP requests reduction
– File compression
– Web caching optimization
– Code minification
– Lossy compression
– Replacement of vector graphics
– Image Optimization
– 301 Redirects
– Adopt Cloud-based Website Monitoring
– Prefetch and reconnect
– SSL certificate/ HTTPS
– Web Font Performance
– Hotlink protection
– Infrastructure
– 404 Errors
– Database Optimization
– Test your Website’s Speed
– Load Test Your Site
– Calculate Website Performance Optimization Budget
– Image Optimization
– Minify CSS and JavaScript
– Critical Path and Render Blocking Resources (CSS + JS)
– Reduce Latency with a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
– Avoid 301 Redirects
– Caching
– Prefetch and Preconnect
– Web Font Performance
– Hotlink Protection
– Enable Gzip Compression
– Fix 404 Errors
– Serve Scaled Images

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