What is Magento?


Magento is an Ecommerce Platform which is built on open Source Technology.
Magento provided a giant Shopping cart with lakhs of Order can be Placed with a Flexible Shopping cart System.
Magento is mostly used for Big On line Stores.
Magento involve Deep level of Marketing  , Search Engine Optimization and Catalog Management.
Magento is built with the Zend framework and in Current Market Magento is the best E-Commerce platform to create a big E-Commerce Shopping cart site.

Mainly client prefer now a days to use Magento for their E-Commerce Sites.
Magento can handle easily Thousands of Records with the easy way and hence for Many years Client does not need to update Magento.
Magento include high level of Paid and Free Themes with a multi optional modules , which is needed to expand magento in different manners.
But Magento is not easy to work on it as a Developer but once you are in to it its just like a Piece of Cake that’s it.

Magento Helps to Create a Multi Store , Means we can create Multiple Different stores hence each store have same product with different prices.
Magento Helps to Create Multi Site, Means there can be multiple Domain run but Source will be the same , so no same code need to place at different places.
Magento include Orders , Invoice , Products , Category , Reports , Configuration etc.
Magento include lots of thing which need huge time to understand all the things.

Hence once Developer can get all the Knowledge of Magento then he can give Magento Certification Exam which can be helpfull in future.
There are many types of Magento Certification courses are there please check following link for detail view :- Magento Certified