WordPress Development

“Blog??? is an another version of “weblog,??? which is used to show some personal knowledge sharing and sharing many users information. All the blogs are shown in the reverse order so that the latest comments and blog posting are seen and can be help full. Blogs range from the personal to the any field person like doctor , politicians ect , and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects.

WordPress.com gives facility to download the wordpress free and set your blog for the knowledge sharing purpose . In other words we can say that its blogging community free open source tool or software to use.

WordPress help you to post your data by Post , Pages or in the form of comments also to share with the world. WordPress is used in many ways we can use wordpress for building the static Content Management sites which has a simple pages to display with the static content and its easy to manage the content from the admin side.

WordPress contain the extra features like Plugins and Hooks . Plugins help to add the extra features in the wordpress like shopping cart , Gallery or any other Help full thing . Hooks are the most important and most interesting thing in the wordpress . It gives facility to add the functions in our plugin which will call when the wordpress by default function calls . So we can over right our code and our function on wordpress functions so we can customize it easily

WordPress hooks is the base and therefore the basis of WordPress development, getting a large part of the core functionality and used by almost every plugin and theme available to date.

There is one more hidden functionality in wordpress that is “Multisite”.