You did not sign in correctly or your account is temporarily disabled for Magento


Many time you face such a issue that you cannot log in to the admin panel. Or some other user face such issues when try to login.

Please follow following steps to solve this issue

1-  Run Command:- php bin/magento admin:user:unlock admin 

2- Truncate the admin_user_session table so all session data gets removed

3- In the mage_admin_user table reset failures_num to 0

4- In the mage_admin_user table reset first_failure to NULL for the user

5- Reset Password from DB or from Forgot Password Section of website front end / admin panel

6- Update Password from admin panel by running following query 

UPDATE admin_user SET password = md5(‘YOUR_NEW_SELECTED_PASSWORD’), is_active = 1 WHERE username = ‘admin’;

YOUR_NEW_SELECTED_PASSWORD will be your new password

Username will be the name of user for which you want to change Password